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Automation and
Integration Experts

We specialize in giving HR Professionals more time to focus on high value
activities through the power of automation and integration

New Hire Onboarding

Automate your new hire onboarding process to keep pace with your company's growth and give new employees a great experience.

Reduce Manual Effort

Are you spending hours jumping between multiple applications

Eliminate Mistakes and Errors

Are you manually entering information into your HR System?

Standardize the Experience

Are you struggling to give all new hires and hiring managers a consistent pre-starting experience?

Employee and Contractor Offboarding

Automate the offboarding process to ensure application access is revoked and everyone is kept informed.

Onboarding & Offboarding Automation and Integration Consulting for HR

Pre-Packaged consulting services to solve your onboarding or offboarding pain points

  • Automation can be running in 10 days or less
  • Address the most common onboarding use cases
  • ​Works with most ATS and HRIS applications
  • ​Streamline operations for your HR staff
  • ​Scale with the hiring demands of the company

Custom Automation and Integration Consulting for Finance, Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, and IT

Customized consulting services to solve other business process pain points within your company

  • Extend Automation to other departments
  • Address common pain points
  • ​Works with most ERP, CRM, Ticketing systems
  • Streamline operations company wide
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